An Unexpected Trip to Portugal: Part 1

Back in January, I was feeling really stressed out in my overall environment. I saw a couple of friends who live in Portugal were showing pictures of their lovely home on Facebook because they had a new room available for rent. Obviously, I am not in a position to move to Portugal to rent a place from them. But I contacted my friend via messenger and complimented her on her beautiful home. As we were talking more and I was telling her how stressed out I was in Miami at the time, (it can be a toxic environment, not my life particularly, but just the area I live in and around me.) She then welcomed me to Portugal if I wanted to come I had a place to stay. Hum at the time was very tempting. I never been to Portugal, it was not necessarily on the top of my list, as I been to Spain many times and assumed it was similar, (which it is.) I looked at round trips for February for the heck of it and when I saw tickets for $530.00 r/t, then I could not resist, so I promptly booked the trip. Also my birthday milestone was around the time and figured I would combine a “birthday trip.”

The day came when I arrived in Lisbon and needed to get to the village they live in the countryside which is 45 minutes away. I found the locals very friendly and helpful people, though Portuguese is so different from Spanish, especially the pronunciations. Anyway I got into town and they were waiting for me in the train station. Then they took me to get some food to eat at the grocery store and got back to their place. Then the next morning, I walked into their village and realized how simple and cute it was. Groceries, cafes, restaurants lined the main street.

Part of the Main Street in Cotavia, with a “tuk-tuk.”

Later on they took me to the Sesimbra Castle. I, of course went with heeled boots and almost fell off a steep rock stairs as I was taking a picture of the views and could have landed on the back of my head and had a tragic accident, but luckily I was saved. My feet were hurting really bad even though the thick heels were a couple inches, since the cobblestones and rocks and elevation are super steep.

I was enjoying the views and we went to the boardwalk to have lunch in a Chinese place. Portugal for the record is a very inexpensive country. I got a single room in a decent Lisbon hotel for the end of my time in Portugal for 20 USD a night! Still have to consider the fact it is off season but still, Portugal is a very cheap country– with good food, wine, activities, etc. However, I will continue to discuss more of this in Part 2 and other parts of this trip to Portugal, as there is a lot to go over.

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