Hi, OMG, anyway since a whirlwind to Holland, Ecuador, Toronto and Europe back to back which ended in June. I am not traveling anywhere till 2014. For a travel blogger this is unusual it seems, but that is my life. I have big plans for 2014 though. I am glad I am taking this break because I am working my day job which I love, though since I am peculiar I have a hard time sticking to routine.

ijrnys travel map

I have been part of a travel social network community for the last couple of years which I love. It is travbuddy I first discovered when those color in maps where circulating in myspace. Then I did sign up, may have been in 2007. I wasn’t using it so I deleted my account. Though sometime later I found myself visiting the site as it grew looking for information about places I wanted to travel. Then I finally signed up again and posted in the forums and after a while becoming friends with the regulars. This led to meeting a couple members in my area and meeting a lot more member friends across the world. Travbuddy members have even met their soul mates, gotten married and even having babies! What is so special is these people sharing their journal blogs around the world and giving people the chance to come across and gain intimate information while researching. Travbuddy members do it for an unconditional love for travel and not for some sort of benefit. I have my journals posted on there as well as having my personal website. I love having my personal website. Its a way to “put myself” out there and have it reflect who I am.

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