Travel Tips

First off, as more people keep asking me how I make traveling so affordable and how I find ways to do it; I was suggested to give tips and “need to do this for people because it is really important.” Yes! This is exactly what I have been wanting to do all along…

Second off, the reason why I decided on the name of Idiosyncratic Journeys, besides the fact that other simple name ideas I came up with were already taken (after google searching them)—is because my travel style seems really different from “standard.” I have learned this from traveling and talking to people and exchanging our itineraries. I will get funny looks from people when I tell them my plans. One will see what I mean by my blogs on my journeys and see they are quite idiosyncratic indeed. Well some might not, it depends on the individual of course. I usually travel independently and in spite of the idiosyncratic routes and plans they are practical for cutting unnecessary financial costs, while still being able to get the best of everything. While finding the most sufficient ways to make it happen and hope I can help people make those travel dreams a reality. I hope to really inspire people!

An example of an “idiosyncratic” journey is on one of my trips I went to Australia and Japan. While most backpackers go from Australia to Southeast Asia (or vice-versa). I went to Japan, yup. I searched and waited and got my ticket on sale for $324.00 AUD (after add-ons). Jetstar (Australian low-cost carrier) offers direct flights from Cairns to Tokyo (or Osaka) and waited until the ticket went on sale and bought the one-way ticket. (read more tips on this trip here→). I was the only person going on this route, while most other backpackers were doing the Australia/Southeast Asia one. Other blog posts and travel tips on this site provide more examples. Nonetheless, I meet a variety of people wherever I go and visit destinations which are culturally fun and interesting. This website will have innovative ideas about traveling.

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