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Travbuddy a social network site for travelers. Sign up here. This is what a profile page looks like Akin to myspace or Facebook, which have a friends list. A forum to ask questions about travel Even blog as much as one can wish linked in your profile. Reviews of Accommodations and restaurants and other sites is relied upon on travbuddy. I met so many wonderful friends from all over the world and made lifetime memories, through travbuddy. And best part of all is the future travel planning with the same people, on the onset of meeting new people connected through travbuddy. Looking at the above map and the countries colored in and percentage is all relative, as I have many of friends who are far more higher % and colored in. I can say I had dreams in some countries/cultures, I visited and made the goal as they were top of my bucket list. Some places I did end up by accident or coincidence though I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I already wrote about travbuddy on this website sometime back, here and here.

Members who consistently post blogs, pictures and active on forum have easy opportunities to get badges and awards within the platform. Also consistent members very often have “post of the day” which puts them on the front page of the website. And if really lucky then your picture will be the featured picture of a city or town worldwide, which anyone doing research will stumble upon. In this case for myself was San Sebastian, Spain, here.

I found travbuddy back in 2008, with this “create your map” on myspace. I signed up and with the recession found myself not traveling far during that time and then deleted the account and signed up again in 2010 or 11. From there further travels and friendships have formed…

Edit: travbuddy meet-up I myself been thus far are Miami, Holland and Norway. Many more travbuddy meetups have taken place around the world. I have yet to go to a “big” meetup or a New Years Eve which are annual.

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