Throwback Thursday: Venice, Italy

There have been two visits to Italy and it was coincidently Venice both those times. The first time as a teen in the late 90’s…

Italy7 Italy8 Italy9 Italy11

Then as a college student in the early 2000’s…

Italy1 Italy2 Italy3 Italy4 Italy5 Italy6

The second visit was a cruise stop on my college art trip, which included Greece, with other cruise stops in Turkey and Croatia. Venice is so insanely beautiful and colorful, just like a pop-up fairytale book. There are very good Italian restaurants and gondola rides are ridiculously expensive for 80 Euros per person when I was there over a decade ago and quite sure the inflation has gone up. While the surroundings are beautiful I recommend not looking at the canal water for too long– very disgusting layer of grim on top with garbage of any random gross thing one can think of. Sorry for the reality check. A regular boat or water taxi takes people there from mainland Italy.


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