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July 22nd, 2004

Today was big day at school. Guest students and teachers from Taiwan were coming to do various song and dance performances. So our school were doing welcoming performances for them. I spent the day preparing the auditorium and helping my students rehearse. The event started at 4pm, so afternoon class was out only an hour early, but spent the hour after lunch rehearsing. The first graders were of course more difficult to choregraph, but still they were so adorable. Luckily, I was able to make some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at the apartment. On some days, Kate and I take a cab to town to eat at one of the restaurants/fast food joints because I simply cannot eat what they serve in the school cafeteria. I tried for several days and it was simply impossible.

Kate feels the same way. I am not even a picky eater and really open to diverse foods, as long as it is cooked well, and completely. This not the case with the school’s food. And yes American school cafeteria food is gourmet in comparison. Well today I took about 20 minutes for lunch, where I normally have 2 hours. I was asked to help prepare for the assembly, which I did.

At 4:30pm the assembly begins. First our students do the welcome performances. They did a good job, were adorable, and were wearing their day school uniforms and sang together with some choregraphy. The Taiwanese students were now to perform. They are from a perfroming arts elementary school in Taiwan, so I knew they were going to have some elaborate performances. They were wearing costumes and were doing typical dance performances to music, but did not sing.

Once the recital ended, Mia, Kate, and I took the taxi into town to meet up with Tonya and Angela. This is the first time we see them since being transported here. Mia had their phone number and we finally had the chance to get in contact with them. They did give the three of us a cell phone to share.

We go and eat dinner at the pizzeria. Angela and Tonya were describing the school they were in. They were put into a private school and also said the food wasn’t too great for them, either. We end up going to a “bar” after the pizzeria because we had the impression it was a lounge area. It was one alright! We somehow end up going into an elevator, thinking it was a rooftop bar. The moment we get off the elevator it directly leads into a room on the top floor and young attractve women started circling us trying to offer us their “services.” We were not expecting this but not surprised to say the least, so we turn around and back down the elevator. We just continued onto another bar overlooking the lake filled with a young crowd, had some good drinks, danced and had more fun. It was so awesome to finally run into more English teachers in town. Especially ones through the same program as us.

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