A Scandinavian Food Tour!

First we go to Denmark…

Since Greenland is Danish territory, they have Greenlandic handmade stores in Copenhagen; however the items while beautifully made are beyond expensive, but the appeal of an “Arctic Ice Cap” water bottle did pique my interest and bought it.

13631618_1045434815540881_2272019907247710401_n Various seafood spreads from roe to mackerel in tubes are a big staple in all the Scandinavian countries. And leave it to me to do the biggest faux pas in Scandinavian etiquette. Yes squeezing the tube from the top. It is supposed to be squeezed from the bottom! I do these things thoughtlessly, yay me! As one may tell this is a mackerel mixed with tomato sauce spread and very delicious. The Nordics spread on fresh bread slices.
13641245_1045441958873500_7705612055086034173_oSome snacks bought at a Danish grocery store. It is common to have many choices of pre-made mixed salads in Northern European grocery stores. And though they may not appear so they are very good as was this Russian salad. Faxe Kondi is the Sierra Mist of Denmark and very popular choice of soda pop there. By the way, those are not actually chocolate covered pretzels, but dark chocolate thins shaped as pretzels.


A popular local Copenhagen restaurant with a great lake view and a good menu.13667907_1045442292206800_290314281560648617_o13641098_1045442308873465_669572643255286110_o

I ordered red wine with Bornholm herring.13913712_1045442375540125_2291572864949829775_o

And of course the famous Scandinavian, Smørrebrød. An open sandwich which is usually rye bread with various choices to have. it is very similar to the Spanish tapas, only a larger serving per one. This smørrebrød is salmon mixed with chopped garlic, cheese, onions and capers. Goes well with a typical Danish beer.13668745_1045441175540245_4047337414640423307_o

Lots of artsy casual dining too. Such as this one in Christiania…13765869_1045439605540402_4929456735541697559_o

Now in Iceland…

Here in Cafe Loki we have the classic Icelandic sampler. Lamb on rye bread; potato salad on rye; fermented shark aka “rotten shark” which was not bad with a shot brennivin (name of Icelandic licorice schnapps). To add licorice in various forms is a big deal in the Nordic countries. Back to the dish here- also dry fish, put butter on it and while very chewy, my palate handled it and liked it. May not be for everyone though. Then finally salmon on rye, again.


Carrot juice with orange, an Icelandic brand. Bought from Bonus, one of the main Icelandic grocery chains…13680180_1044487275635635_5741826535610919857_o

Here is inside Bonus…13680397_1044485112302518_3430453320334506833_oAnd here is the outside…img_7172

Cafe Babalu, one of the many cozy img_6711img_6708 img_6710img_6701Aktu Taktu, Icelandic fast food drive thru. While there is no McDonald’s or Burger King, they have this…
img_6798 img_6799

A very delicious beet salad with Icelandic beer from Kex Hostel.img_6803

Various Icelandic chocolate candies…img_7147 Another of the Icelandic main grocery chain, Kronan…
img_7327Now we go to Norway and start of at the BarBarista Cafe in Bergen. A very colorful Scandinavian cafe staple.13709968_1037001839717512_561621052301966665_n13692622_1037001856384177_7347556331826883395_n

Brown cheese, a Norwegian specialty and unfortunately only available to buy in Norway. Here I eat in with waffles.13729028_1037001973050832_1639731877920838583_nMore Norwegian art in BarBarista Cafe13680838_1037001869717509_1402311635276534431_n 13669752_1037001906384172_2845900518687073469_n

Collage of more typical Norwegian eats: clockwise- Kvikk Lunsj (Quick Lunch) essentially Norwegian Kit Kat bar; homemade fish soup; roe spread and brown cheese on bread; leverpostei (liver pate); Norgelefsa, a delicious crepe with sweet creaminess in the inside; Norwegian food on a picnic table in a park and “Prim” a brown cheese creamy spread.screen-shot-2016-08-25-at-9-55-45-am

Close ups of what was in the collage

13769396_1037005176383845_3093760784016499089_n 13754556_1037006393050390_5573479654705556612_n 13754400_1037004506383912_3397460167739887080_n13697015_1037006356383727_3444854559576355014_n13690850_1037004513050578_5148565431998554731_n

Another typical picnic, something Norwegians take very seriously, especially in the nice weather months.

13697093_1037007496383613_6516521254067690718_nAbout to try whale steak for the first time! Result– it is like the consistency of a regular beef steak but with a strong seafood/fish taste. Verdict=loved!

13726626_1037002729717423_4962417408904524271_n13731607_1037002793050750_4484819499414939627_nBrown cheese bought straight from the farm13690577_1037008053050224_609677292212022905_nAnd a beautiful cheese slicer13731572_1037007783050251_1349602987657092635_n

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