Polish Architecture and a Dish of Pierogies

Visiting the city of Gdansk, Poland was lovely. The architecture reminded me of a cross between Salzburg and Amsterdam. Gdansk was a German city, known as “The Free City of Danzig” which was diverse and lasted from 1920-1939, once the Nazis took over was just “Danzig” and incorporated into Prussia. At the end of war it became Gdansk and a part of Poland. Before that it was conquered by the Teutonic Knights in the early 1300’s. The city is located in Northern Poland on the Baltic Sea coast in the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Here is the beautiful architecture, which many other cities in Poland share the same style, with the fairytale look and lovely pastel colors.

And a famous Polish dish– Pierogies… As one can tell they look like dumplings and this Polish treat can be filled with diced meat, spinach, cheese or sauerkraut. I tried them all throughout my stay, as I loved them so much I had a dish everyday I was there. By the way, the cole slaw usually served on the side is the best I ever had. It was so delicious.


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