Oktoberfest Outside of Munich


Now that October 2013 is swept away now, I will share my Oktoberfest festivities. I went two Oktoberfest Festivals this year: one in West Palm Beach Florida, which was a huge one, the German-American club there has a huge Bavarian-like restaurant that is just like being inside a Bierhaus in Bavaria. The following weekend I went to the German-American Social Club of Miami’s which they have every year; though this one is smaller than the Palm Beach one. Nonetheless all of Oktoberfest festivities are about having a good time while drinking beer, eating good food and even going on carnival rides.

Munich, where the first Oktoberfest started in the 1800’s when King Ludwig married his princess and invited the town to celebrate with festivities which would become Oktoberfest. Today it is the biggest fair festival in the world which goes on for 2 weeks, attracting millions of visitors from around the world. The first Sunday of October is the last day of the festivities, so oddly enough most of it goes through September. Needless to say accommodation is hard to find and is multiple the original price. A popular and more guaranteed place to sleep is getting a bed in many of the tents of which accommodation is offered. Plus it is quite inexpensive and fun way to enjoy the experience. And on campground there are trailers or what they are called ‘containers’ which offer hostel-like accommodation. A few of the large tents in Theresienwiese offer accommodation as well.

If one can’t make it to the Munich Oktoberfest, there are always celebrations around the world which can be enjoyed without the Munich crowds. This year I enjoyed various German Beers, pork shanks with sauerkraut and red cabbage (yum), currywurst, pretzel and a couple of rides with some fun folk dancing, while wearing my Munich-purchased dirndl of course. This is a wonderful way to “travel” and go to a different culture without getting on a plane.

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