Interesting and Exciting Berlin

My visit to Berlin was very unique and interesting. It offers interesting history, alternative arts scene, good budget all mixed in one city.

Here is the Berlin TV tower with a typical graffiti mural found throughout Berlin.

One of the Pub Crawl nights, which in Berlin are a lot of fun.

This particular bar in Berlin has patron tables each with their own beer draft on tap.

Band performance in Berlin subway.

After the bar hopping we stopped at a hookah bar.

Brandenburg Gate– an 18th century architectural structure commissioned by King Frederik of Prussia, as a monument for peace.

The Reichstag building.

The Holocaust Memorial. An interesting maze to walk around.

The Berlin Wall– contrary to popular belief, it was not constructed immediately after the war in 1945, from the big battle in Berlin and the the city being divided into sectors, such as French, British, American and Soviet in the east, but the Soviets constructed in it in 1961, actually.

The famous typical communist era car, Trabant or known as a Trabi. It was manufactured in East Germany during the Cold War Era.

Checkpoint Charlie- The west-east border in Berlin.

Museum Island– a beautiful architectural building with five museum in the large establishment. Also a UNESCO Heritage site.

Berlin has a very fun and interesting nightlife with many artsy and themed bars.

This place is called The Cathedral

A candid snapshot in the Berlin subway.

Absinthe is available in Berlin and there is even an Absinthe bar. Here someone is preparing it for me.

The many themed murals on the Berlin Wall…

I thought this one person portable hot dog stand was pretty cool.

Berlin’s Ampelmann, the street light unique to this city.

More Berlin art…

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