I Love Maps!

I love maps, globes and have been fascinated with looking at them ever since I was a child, as early as I can remember. I could look at them for hours on end. My father would notice me looking and then point out countries to me on the map and I would be like, “ooh.”

I think anything dealing with world maps or globes is so much fun. I especially love these fill in places you have been. I know this is going to appear lame, but every time I travel to a new country, state or wherever I soon after go onto my travbuddy page and fill it in. Like just now I returned from Portugal (which I have a lot to write about and post will be coming soon.) Funny thing is, just by adding that one country– it put me from seeing only 14% of the world to 15%.

There are so many variations on how one can create items with maps from scarves to bikinis. Neither which I have but really would love to own. Here is the link to my Pinterest map pinboard.

What I really do like which I saw at a friend of mine’s home is the scratch off poster. I been meaning to get one but I have no room on my walls really. This is the exact one right here.

I also been meaning to get this necklace and my sister just got one in silver.

Here are a couple other maps things from my Pinterest board…

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