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Many people who know me personally (or otherwise acquainted) always ask me about my travels. One of the things I talk about with them is how I get flight deals and the ‘idiosyncratic’ ways I book my travels. One prime example was my Australia and Japan trip. This route was Miami/Sydney/Cairns/Tokyo/Miami. I booked a multi-city route from Miami-Sydney/Tokyo-Miami with Delta Airlines. This flight cost me 1,389.00 USD. Then I booked a one-way from Sydney to Cairns with Australian airline Jetstar, which totaled to 110.00 AUD (after add-ons). Finally then one-way from Cairns to Tokyo with Jetstar Airways was 324.00 AUD. This totals to be roughly 1,840.00 USD. For that I got to travel to two interesting countries in different continents and travel within Australia. Now everyone I talked to who flew roundtrip from the USA to Australia paid nothing less of 2,000 USD. This is just the bare round-trip ticket that does not include flight travel inside Australia which was in the route I created. If one plans on visiting more than one place in Australia there is highly likely going to be a flight included in that. There is only so much time one has to only take the train or bus in this massive sized country/island. This is just an example to get the most out of travel and to get more bang for your buck. Different countries and routes are going to depend on the interests of different people, but this is just an idea to get one motivated to search.

As with others in the travel industry, including globetrotters, travel writers/bloggers etc.–flight hacking is a hobby for us and something enjoyable on our free time even on a Friday or Saturday night. People who are not world travel enthusiasts, the process of booking flights and accommodations and looking for bargains is “Greek” to them. I have talked to numerous people and it is way over their heads– to them it is equivalent to nuclear science (seriously). In this case it’s what travel agents or travel planners are for.

Another flight hacking I have been working on and it was easy to figure out is planning a trip to Bali, Indonesia. Flying anywhere out of the east coast of the USA to Denpasar Bali Airport, a round-trip ticket is going to cost not a cent less than 2,000 USD and one will find something as “low” as 2 grand r/t by luck. However, one can book a round trip to Hong Kong out of America for anywhere between 800-1,000 USD. Then to get to Bali a direct flight with Air Asia or Tiger Airways will cost anywhere between 45-70 USD each way. Wow what a difference that makes!

For the most part, the best general advice for finding flight deals is to use flight search engines, go to the various travel booking websites and to the airline websites directly to find the best deal. From my experience it is impossible to pinpoint one sole website that will make all your travel booking bargains come true. It is different companies offering good deals at different times and then seize the bargain.

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