Ecuador appears to be one of the more underrated Latin American countries, but it is rich in natural resources, culture and history. The name obviously translates to equator, which is where most people want to stand on the equator at a monument, as it crosses through the country. It is very inexpensive there and best part of all is the US Dollar is the official currency so one can see how far the US Dollar goes in Ecuador; with so little money you can do so much for a long time in Ecuador. The food is really good with a lot of unique dishes and beverages such as variety of maize such as tostado mote (toasted large maize kernels) and Chicha (a sweet refreshing corn drink). The indigenous clothing is really inexpensive and very stylish which can be bought in markets all over the country. The abundance of history boasts the capital Quito as the most preserved historical city in all the Americas. Best of all, Ecuador offers a diversity of nature such as volcanos, rainforests, Galapagos Islands, beaches, high altitude mountains, skiing and much more.

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