Down Under is I’m sure I can speak for a number of people is one of those places that is looked upon on the map and wondering if you will ever go there. Depending on your will and priorities it is all possible. As for me it was only a matter of time it was going to happen. I was patient and luckily found a very good deal on a plane ticket so I grabbed that and went. I have only visited Sydney and Cairns (yep I flew between the two). This is just a very miniscule portion of the broad land. I had a certain time frame and had to choose top priorities and for me in particular it was Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef–it was as magnificent as can ever be expected.

Sydney I was impressed with, its hip and a lot to do and better than I was expected. Some people were telling me “it isn’t that great” but I disagree and will go again. The first and only time I ever saw an Aboriginal person was in Boston. Then I only saw a couple in Sydney and much more in Cairns, which has a sizable community of them. Cairns is very tropical climate and humid, like my Miami. The surrounding mountains and sea makes it resemble somewhere in the Caribbean. The rainforests, particularly Daintree is the oldest in the world and like no other. The Great Barrier Reef is so vast even being a few feet away from the scenics just endless underwater beauty. All the fish and other sea animals one can dream of seeing is a high chance it will be scene in the Great Barrier Reef– it was another childhood dream to go, which explains why it was the top of the Australia priority list.

One would think it would be the outback as its most people’s. However it was hard for me to resist, but with finances and even flying there (the outback) with a low-cost carrier is quite expensive. Then can’t forget the hip and artsy Melbourne which I couldn’t make. Perth, Western Australia is a recommendation I have in mind. Australia is also really a great choice, if prioritizing because anywhere you go there distinct flora and fauna is to be seen that isn’t quite found anywhere else in the world and one does not even have try to find it: Pretty much it finds you. 🙂

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