The one ‘continent’ where the countries don’t share borders… Australia needless to say is likely the most visited one. The majority of South Pacific Islands, along with New Zealand make-up Oceania. I have been to only Australia thus far, but dream to visit Bora Bora or anywhere in French Polynesia along with Fiji. Who knows when that will happen though. This region with maybe a slight exception of Fiji and a couple other islands is by no means cheap. As that is not enough since it is so far from everywhere else it is quite expensive to fly there. In that case is is probably the lesser visited areas of the world, even though there is still quite a but of people who visit Australia and New Zealand. One has to be very meticulous with their finances to travel there without going bankrupt. The prices for certain items are jaw-dropping even though accommodations can be found reasonable (in most places). What makes it worth going is the beauty and distinct to guarantee to impress scenic lovers.

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