The United States of America… Surely this is a land on many worldwide’s list. Especially people from turmoil countries who dream to move to America for a better life. After all it is dubbed the “Land of Dreams.” Aside from its reputation there is this land offers vast variety of nature from deserts, green mountains, beaches and colonial culture in the eastern part of the country. There is so much iconic and vast places to the United States has to offer from the Grand Canyon to Washington D.C., the Big Apple, Hollywood, the Deep South and Florida– a popular way to travel the vast land is with an RV. Road Trips throughout regions is the main way people see the United States though flying from one destination to the other side of the country is for visitors not having much time and many low-cost carriers offer cheap airfare. Being from Miami myself, I am fortunately enough to be somewhere with a more different culture, Latin American at that. So it does not feel like being in “real America” even though it is.

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