Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean Islands boasts in many opinions the most beautiful beaches and tropics in the world. Some islands have beautiful mountains lined with the white or pink sands and turquoise waters and others are flat. I have visited a few myself such as Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Domincian Republic, St. Thomas and Isla Mujeres in Mexico. There are quite a few more on my list to visit, but Cuba tops that of course and seems to be a high interest worldwide. I look forward to visiting there so I look forward to documenting it. Until now I can speak and give advice for the ones I have visited which are nice. Even if visiting Florida to get a great Caribbean feel visit Key West and in particular Bahia Honda which is a little north of Key West on the way there. This is absolutely breathtaking and the most beautiful part of the Florida Keys. A cruise on one of the many popular commercial ships is surely a popular and economical way to see the Caribbean. I would recommend that unless some are looking for a romantic get-away and in that case just fly directly to St. Lucia or Jamaica.