North America

North America, the most politically powerful part of the New World is still known as a ‘culturally young’ region. Aside from the Native American Indian cultures which are made of hundreds of tribes throughout the Inuit regions of northern Canada and Alaska through all the United States, Mexico and Central America. Which getting to those areas can be a short trip for a change. But of course this is overshadowed by the well-developed western culture which started over 500 years ago. Honestly, this continent may not be the ‘number one spot’ as compared to the other continents, but it seems when people think of North America they think United States and all the less than desirable reputation that goes with it. However, a quick reminder that Mexico is part of this continent and is a very popular travel destination for people around the world for a number of good reasons. Yes, I have heard people from certain regions think anything south of Texas is part of the South America continent, seriously lol. Then of course the Caribbean Islands and Central America are huge hits. In some opinions the Caribbean Islands boasts some of the most beautiful beaches and tropics in the world. Overall North America is vast and being from here, there is still a lot to see.

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