tumblr_moauroPZtx1rbfc0go1_500Switzerland is certainly as clean, fresh air and superior beauty as it appears. Hailed as one of the most beautiful regions in the world and I confirm that, it is also has the reputation as being one of the more expensive. This is true, however if one goes to the countryside and in particular the backpacker hangout of Interlaken it is less expensive than the rest of the country. Luzern, another beautiful Swiss town is ‘not that bad’ as far as expenses go, though you have to find creative ways to not become broke. This is why if one is low on money it is suggested to stop there for a couple or few days and move on.

The beauty itself as well as the culture makes it worth the dent in the wallet. This country is also the mecca for mountainous adventure sports such as paragliding, white water rafting, skiing, canyoning, Rodelbahn (summer toboggan) and more. Let me warn because it seems I am often telling people this; not every square kilometer is covered in high mountains, such as the northwestern part bordered by southwestern Germany is not with the iconic mountains though the area which includes Basel and even in the more north central canton of Aargau is smaller hills; this area is known as the Swiss Plateau. The good thing is Switzerland is a small country and scenic mountains are always a train ride away. And yes taking the train is quite pricey. A one-way to the top of the higher mountains is something like 200 USD for a return. Zermatt is all the way in the Italian part on the Italian border and Geneva is quite far from central Switzerland all the way to the west on the French border. Switzerland boasts three distinct regions of culture such as German, French and Italian, with German taking up the most part of the country and Italian the least. Zurich I am sure ‘takes the cake’ as the most expensive city, not only in the country, but one of the world’s. Even round-trip cable car rides being the only access to the upper mountain villages are on average anywhere between 20-40 CHF, though worth every cent. To get in between villages in different regions Zurich and Bern central train station will serve as a hub.

As for Swiss food, I will admit it is not as “known” as in other countries though its still good; some known Swiss food is Rösti (hash browns), muesli (rolled oats served with fruit, nuts and milk, eaten as breakfast), Spätzle (egg noodles) with various toppings and meats, sausage etc. I do enjoy fondue, cheese and the chocolates are indeed the best in the world. Beer is also good and can be found cheap. The fruit and bread from there is wonderful. For nightlife Zurich has the most bars and clubs in Europe per capita! Geneva also is known for having a bustling nightlife as it is one of the most international cities in the world, and not only because United Nations is headquartered there. Bern is also quite popular for nightlife, though the smaller villages can be enjoyed by going to a pub. However, a chill day life is better which is found in Switzerland. This country is more focused on activities for during the day. Seems the Swiss live their lives by the day and leave the night time solely for sleeping and relaxing.

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