Spain has been the country I have visited more times and spent longest amount of time in than any other country (aside from Puerto Rico). I know or ‘conozco’ the north particularly the Basque Country, Andalusia, Madrid and Barcelona. My favorite is the Basque Country and especially San Sebastian. Barcelona is my favorite major metro city. Madrid, well not the best though I know many people who live there, just not my favorite as Spain has so much more beautiful areas in comparsion. Spain also is a special place for me as it is my ancestral land.

From green mountains of the north to the more arid ones in the south, beaches to nearby up high ski resorts, to classic European architecture to the Moorish influence in the south with olive trees everywhere makes Spain boast another uniqueness and interesting culture. Even the food varies though it is mostly fish dishes, jamon serrano, chorizo, tapas (bite size servings of appetizers) known as pintxos in the Basque Country with plentora of red wine or Sangria. Many favored master artists of the past hail from Spain, may I add.

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