The Netherlands has a dainty infrastructure like a storybook, the dollhouse-like architectural buildings and homes which seem smaller than average. And when I say quaint infrastructure I mean there are bike paths which makes the entire country rideable by bike, in addition to the flat land dotted with windmills and dykes in a small space. Another trademark is the colorful tulip fields which can only be seen in Spring, which is only slightly less than 3 months out of the year, the one thing Holland is known for. Oh and lets not forget it may be even ‘more’ known for the regulations of marijuana coffee shops. Yes that is all cool, but it is a shame many people don’t see more than that. Especially for respect of the Dutch people and their culture, which I absolutely love. Not to mention I love stroopwafels, Gouda cheese, riding on boats, bikes, tulip fields, croquettes, toasted small sandwiches, even the small sinks and narrow staircases, along with Dutch creativity and the color orange.

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