Italy has been visited by me twice and both separate times has been to Venice. Nope haven’t been to Naples, Rome, Vatican City, Florence, Tuscany, Capri, Cinque Terre, Pisa and all the other wonderful Italian places. Just the beautiful Venice, in addition to a quick visit Verona (yep the town from Romeo and Juliet) and did pass through Milan, which to be honest isn’t anything to write home about. Venice though is just as can be pictured, the Italian cuisine is great and the whole ‘sinking island’ is so charming like a pop-out fairy tale book. The gongola rides are a must even though last time I checked are 80 Euros a person. I would focus more on everything else visible in Venice and not at the water, as one will be grossed out at what is floating around, which I will spare the mentions. Besides Venice, well Rome or Tuscany or the coastal areas down the peninsulas are visited by pretty much everyone who visits Italy, just not me. At least not yet anyway.

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