Hungary was definitely much better than I expected it to be. I am thoroughly impressed with Hungary. There is a lot of original aristocratic architecture, though there is a feel of residual history from the Cold War times communist years. The one slight setback is that Budapest does not smell the best from pollution, even though its not as bad as other cities I have been to. I love that Budapest offers a lot and has great food and everything is really cheap, so one can do a lot and spend about half the money one would in an average West European city. There are many Turkish Baths in town, of course the only one I can speak for is the vast Szechenyi Baths, which is absolutely beautiful and the waters feel so nice and a lot of room to swim and lounge. Plus walking through the Chain Bridge onto the other side of the joint cities. There is so much beauty to see. The statues are remarkable as well; there are pictures posted of in the gallery. Outside of Budapest I only saw the countryside while in the train. Another city I hear is worth a visit is Gyor. Budapest with the amazing nightlife and friendly beautiful people it is somewhere worth returning to in addition to everything else already mentioned.

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