Greece has some beautiful ancient history, along with the nostalgic mythology and has the monument and beauty to this day to show for it. I did travel around Greece and see it all. It looks pretty much the same all over though the Greek Islands are something else wonderful. Santorini is as exquisite in person and the whitewashed buildings with the dark blue Aegean water is magnificent. Visiting the mythological towns of Delphi, Thessaloniki, Olympia and Athens with all the monumental marble architecture included is just so amazing to actually physically be there and see those from daydreaming to real life. The views of the Acropolis are every so amazing and can be seen from many parts of Athens easily.

The best part is Greek food is absolutely delicious and holidaying there is really cheap. The shopping is amazing and can get so many things for cheap. One distinct thing is most of the pedestrian areas, especially in Athens are made of marble so be careful when walking around, especially on a rainy day. With all the delights this definitely makes a popular holiday destination.

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