Germany is by far one of my favorite countries in Europe. There is this nostalgia I have toward it. Yes, my first visit there I was very young and it was the first European country I ever visited. More importantly, so much that has influenced my life comes from Germany. The country is absolute genius! From the fairy tales, the quaint infrastructure, storybook architecture and great inventions, its just so awesome.

While the southern half of Germany is associated with the fairy tale setting the northern half is heavily influenced with the noble Prussian history, most particularly Berlin. Mostly throughout the northern German cities there is a mixture of the historic Prussian architecture and very well designed modern architecture.

Germany just has good taste! Even meant that with the food! Though it will make you overly full but who doesn’t love wursts, beef, pretzels, potatoes and sauerkraut; along with great chocolate and desserts. Plus the beer is the best and very refreshing. In Bavaria, the locals keep close to their traditional garb (dirndls, lederhosen, etc) without being touristy, they are just proud to be Bavarian. They even have lockers for their steins in the beer halls! To add, I should mention in Germany you can eat great food from other parts of the world in the bigger cities. Many people speak English and its so easy to get around. I can never get enough of Germany and always near tears when I have to return to North America.

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