France I have visited on 3 separate days. I have never spent the night there lol. I did a one day long haul tour to Paris a long time ago while I was staying in Germany and two other days traveling from the very near Basque region in Spain: one to St. Jean de Luz and another day to Hendaye both in the French Basque Country. Paris is nice, but honestly didn’t really pique my interest enough to rush there again. Oddly enough Paris is hugely popular with other people; it just depends on what strikes with the individual. It needs to be stressed that France is a country with a variety of regions, such as Normandy, the German bordering Alsace-Lorraine, French Rivera, Pyrenees, the Basque Country and more… so it is ignorant to base one’s judgement of France on just Paris alone. 

The French Basque region is very charming as I visited. I may add I love French crepes whether it be as lunch/dinner meal with Ratatouille and cheese or a desert with Nutella. Also foie gras, brie and macaroons are muah. In addition, I love some original children’s stories from France such as Cinderella, Le Petit Prince and Madeline and last but not least, some of the best masters of the past are French.

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