Turkey was visited on a one day cruise stop while I was on a week cruise in the Mediterranean with my art class in college. So as of now I only visited Istanbul and was stoked about going there. It was a fun day and were specified to wear long sleeve shirt and something which covered our legs. We did a tour of main sights Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, with good food and shopping. All of which were beautiful. I do plan to go back and see the rest of the country and luckily getting cheap airfare there is not a problem I learned. It’s just finding the time. I really want to visit Cappadocia of course the cave buildings city and sleep in one of them and enjoy the views. Ephesus, to see the Celsius Library and the house the Virgin Mary lived in after Jesus died. Such a big country I will really need about a couple weeks. Can’t miss the Turkish Rivera while there.

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