I am extremely grateful to have been to Japan. It was a dream of mine to always go so I made it a priority to make a trip there. The country has first-world infrastructure and westernized. It feels like being in Europe but with the East Asian influence of course. The art and ambience there is so beautiful and the nature is so well taken care of, even in Tokyo. For I or anyone else who loves bright colors that pop out at you, Japan is definitely the place to go, in particular Tokyo.

To be honest don’t let the reputation of it being expensive discourage you if you really want to go. For myself, I did not find it as expensive as I was expecting after hearing the stories. Of course it is not cheap like other Asian countries, but I say it is really in par to North America or Europe give or take. One can make it affordable like I did. Then again I did not stay in fancy areas such as Shinjuku or Ginza, maybe that is where the impression of ‘expensive accommodation’ comes from. There are many affordable options such as the well-known capsule hotels (yes unisex ones are available) and Asakusa: a very traditional and lively suburb in Tokyo with shopping, entertainment, sites and much more. Also I was anxious about taking the subway, but found it really easy as it is the same format as anywhere else really just more vast. One thing I noticed in the subway where people with what appears to be flus wearing medical masks on their face. I must say this shows how considerate the Japanese are. I notice in other densely populated countries this is not the case.

The food is superb from sushi, noodle and rice bowls, shrimp patties, Nikuman (sticky beef pastries), to many peculiar snacks from the Family Mart (Japanese convenience store)– I cannot get enough of Japan!

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