Ah Asia, so much variety of cultures and not doubt the most diverse as it is the biggest continent in the world. As of now I have only been to the Far East. Though I was also in Turkey it was only “technically” European part of Istanbul, although I can speak for the culture I saw while there. It can be considered West Asia anyhow since the rest of the country, therefore culture is Near Eastern. I do have plans to see far more of the Near East. In addition to the Indian subcontinent, Siberia, Caucasus, Levant and East and Southeast Asia are all that makes up the vast diversity of cultures in this entire continent. I will be the first to admit it will be hard to see all of this in one lifetime although not impossible, since it is way too vast. As of now I can speak for East Asia, namely China and Japan, which is those I went to thus far and there will be more to come in the future.

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