Oh wow Morocco! A very interesting country indeed. Yes, I did the one day trip from Southern Spain crossing the Gibraltar Strait into Tangier. The fact that Henri Matisse, one of my favorite artists lived there for many years was already a win. Even though Southern Spain in some places does have very slight Arabic influence in the architecture in my opinion it is still a different world from Spain.

I enjoyed seeing the architecture while doing the tour of Tangier. The food is absolutely delicious. Also very beautiful culture, such as the music, dancing, knick-knack souvenirs, rugs, spices, clothing, etc.

Unfortunately, Tangier is just one tiny part of the entire country of Morocco which boasts the Atlas mountains, Sahara Desert, Casablanca, oases and all things of a Muslim/Arabic culture. One of the biggest draws is that it is a relatively safe place to travel around. Almost all travel literature confirms this. Sure just as in any other developing country you will deal with hacklers on the street trying to sell you stuff, but I see the need in them to need to survive and do their best to get by.

I am planning to return to Morocco on my next visit to Africa. This time it will be about a week tour, visiting Marrakech, the Sahara Desert and Casablanca.

Once this commences I will be documenting it well on here.

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