Welcome to my Africa page. Now I only visited Africa to date so far ONE full day in my life when I went to Tangier from Algeciras. I wished to spend longer there but I was on holiday with my grandmother in Malaga and she was worried about me going, particularly spending a couple days there. So I just decided to do the one day trip and plus it was my chance to spend as much time as possible with her.

Anyway, I did document my time there in my journal which is linked to my Africa tags. I will share the tips I do know for visiting from Spain even for one day as I did. It is really worth it.

Obviously, I can’t comment on other parts of Africa. Though I can recommend other bloggers you may not know about who are very versed and experienced visitors there. Just message me or comment and I will share my favorite ones for the region.

My Africa visit goals is to do a tour of Morocco, which I hope to do on my next visit soon. (and once that happens I will of course edit this section). Another one on my wish list is South Africa, which I will most likely visit through some sort of volunteerism program. And of course depending on various circumstances I would consider visiting certain other countries in Africa.

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