Cultural Halloween Costumes for the Last Couple Years


2014 la Muerte, well she is a character from the movie “Book of Life” based on Dia de los Muertos. Primarily a Mexican holiday celebrated on October 31, but continues a few days after. It is a special day to celebrate and remember passed on loved ones. There is something similar done in Romania where the gravestones and mausoleums are elaborately decorated and painted in not a melancholy but rather fun colorful happy design to remember the wonderful lives they lived and to have them live on through the loved ones memories.


2015 I decided to do a Matryoshka Doll. A nesting doll from Russia, but are also popular in other Slavic countries such as Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia and more. They are painted made of carved wood and as you open it in half there is a smaller one inside, open the smaller one, then the next one is smaller inside and continues until it becomes the size of a fingertip. These were started in the 1800’s as folk art in Russian and furthermore Slavic culture. The women are painted with cherubic faces wearing make-up and traditional Slavic clothing. These are popular worldwide and can be acquired probably from many countries in the world without stepping foot into Russia, a popular knickknack among many. Matryoshka is translated to young maiden in English.

Halloween is such a fun time to get creative and dress over the top in costume.

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