Cuisine From Ecuador

This happens to be Hispanic Heritage Month and just wanted to squeeze in some cuisine. Ecuadorian food is very delicious and this was the first time I recall trying it, though I am from the Latin American capital of the world, Miami. There are not really very many Ecuadorian restaurants there… Maize/corn is very plentiful in Ecuador, much of the cuisine contains it, even the drinks.

This is Chicha. A very delicious and sweet tasting drink with maize, oats, malt sugar, fruit. Some of it can be alcoholic know as corn beer, but the ones I had were not…


Much of the Ecuadorian Cuisine consists of what can be akin to the “Paleo Diet” as it is lots of meats, poultry, vegetables and fruit. And again lots of corn and eggs. Various breads are also common along with their unique pastries. A typical breakfast is lots of fruit, bread and eggs…


This is Llapingacho, which are patties made with potatoes, corn, cheese, along with other flavors. Served with chorizo, eggs and vegetables of course.


Tostado y mote, is many different types of corn cooked in various ways. So very good!


And I leave you with roasting Guinea Pigs, which are very popular in the South America diet.



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