Beautiful Norway

I took a road trip with Travbuddy friends, including two Norwegians, one Canadian and another American. This started off in Bergen, second largest city in Norway, where the hub for all the fjord tours start off and where Christian, our Norwegian driver who drove us on this road trip with his car lives. Norway has a reputation for being pricey and while not cheap, it helped that being in a group traveling independently (not in with a tour company) helped make the trip seem much less expensive. In spite of that, I base how expensive a place is by the cost of groceries and did not find Norway nearly as expensive compared to Switzerland and Australia, even Iceland. Below are some pictures from our lovely Norwegian road trip.

Starting with Bergen…

On our way to the top of Mount Floyen, hiking

Bryggen UNESCO World Hertitage Site

Lovely classic Norwegian architecture of wooden homes…

This is one of the first stops at this lovely “fosse”

This view was taken at one of the hotels on the way to Flam

Road Trip

I was hungover from Bergen drinking the night before and Hali teasing as usual 😀

On top of where the Flam railway takes you

The famous Scandinavian folklore forest singing nymph, Huldra. Shown in the middle of the Flam rail ride where they let you off halfway up the mountain.

Viking bar in Flam

Another stop at Sogn og Fjordane

This was our overnight stop in Lærdal, Norway. I loved this adorable place. I would not mind living here permanently.

Outside our cottage

Got to cross another one off the bucket list– seeing a Stave Church! It is much smaller in person. Looking at pictures in the past I thought it was huge.

Continuing the road trip, taking the ferry to Balestrand, Norway. Side note: We missed the one we planned to catch by like 15-30 seconds, so we had to wait 30 minutes for the next one.

Margunn is a chef cook who works in Norwegian boarding schools. We were able to stay at the one she used to work at in Balestrand. This is the inside and we each got our own rooms.

This is a mural from outside the boarding school.

Our day walking around the lovely Balestrand.

Including a canoe ride across the bay. So much fun!

A lovely Norwegian Viking architecture with the dragon popping out of the edges of the roof.

It is so beautiful!

This is the view from the window in my room.

Continuing our road trip toward Oslo. As one can tell we are very high up in elevation. Was awesome to see some snow being all the way up.

Now we make it to Oslo, but before getting in the city we drop Margunn off at the airport as she was headed to travel somewhere else.

At Orjan’s flat in Oslo

We continue our trip back to Bergen. Just Christian and me, as Tremaine and Hali left the day after Margunn to fly back home.

These tunnels are all over Norway.

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  1. Therie May 17, 2017 at 6:02 am #

    Norway has the most charming houses ever and the views are the best!

    • ijrnys May 17, 2017 at 12:08 pm #

      Yes absolutely! I love the accents on the edges of the homes and yes the views are heavenly.

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