Atacama Desert- Last Day: Termas Puritama


This will be my last day in the Atacama Desert. In the morning I went to Termas Puritama, which only went on Fridays and I really wanted to go. So by 9:00 am I am waiting eagerly to be picked up.


It was sunny in the morning and we get to the termas which is lovely. It is a natural reservation protected by a Chilean environmental association. The lukewarm spring water felt so nice and I swam around and again devouring it all. Can you blame me? I was finally being able to enjoy a dream of going to Chile. It was fun and memorable. A long stream of springs lined with wheats and little waterfalls in the middle of the desert. I would recommend going here. We we there for a while and then returned to town. Unfortunately, it was my last day so I packed up really quick and checked-out waiting for the shuttle to pick me up. I talked with Claudia and Daisy (the hostel women) before I left and hugged them good-bye. I was sad to leave them.

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