Services Offered

The mission is to reach as many people worldwide as possible to be able to learn and have a unique and again idiosyncratic insight about this world in as many ways as imaginably possible.

As for prospective advertisers, travel writers, and other travel industry inquires: we can work together to provide intel as a two-way or multiway if you will, workmanship. Either way we can all profit and fulfill all aspects to continue to progress this world into a better place. If this website piques an interest please fill out contact form below.

For people interested in hiring me for Travel Planning: with my experience and pleasure of travel scheduling, looking for flight deals, accommodations, matching your interests, suggestions, advice and ideas of letting me take care of all the travel planning before you go on the journey– I will be more than glad to help. We can work out a price plan. Please fill out contact form below.

DISCLAIMER: Many emails have been received for this website, spam for the most part about services for “redesigning this website.”  I have no interest in redesigning this website (especially by outside sources), all emails pertaining to this will automatically be deleted into the trash.

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