San Pedro de Atacama, Chile: Valle de la Luna (the ‘amphitheater’ behind me)

Idiosyncratic Journeys is a blog primarily focused on world travel and to share broad insightful information, recommendations and suggestions about worldwide locations on any subject. Though surely this website also shares art, as well as other ‘idiosyncratic’ philosophical and other insightful and intuitive knowledge from experience about the world we live in and some cases even beyond that; which of course all will be related to world travel ‘in the long run.’

Anyway, a little personal info…

Favorite scenery: bodies of water, mountains, valley fields of green grass with trees and flowers

Ethnic food I love: Too many to name! Here is the list anyway: Cuban, Spanish, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Scandinavian

Education: B.A. in Graphic Design/Studio Art, Minor Art History, Auto-Cad Certifcation Course, Tour Guide Certification Course; on process with Revit

Interests: painting/drawing/collaging/mixed media arts, cooking, reading, writing, shopping, technology, research, history, fashion, memorabilia, social networking, anthropology, genetics/genealogy, science, cultures, fairytales, gastronomy, photography, languages, sightseeing, hiking, nature, landscapes, architecture, yoga, pilates

Favorite music: trance, techno, alternative, top 20 dance music usually, classical, oldies, 60’s, 70’s 80’s, grunge, rock, world

Favorite programmes to watch: classic Disney movies/cartoons; 80’s cartoons; film; watching movies in 3D; many things on YouTube; documentaries

Languages spoken: English (fluent); Spanish (second in fluency)

If curious about anything else please ask and this especially goes for places you know I have been to and are interested in going there yourself.